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Get your Bam fix.

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[ The almighty small list of Rules. Read 'em!! ]


Welcome to the community! This is just like all the other "dailies" out there. It's for sharing information & pictures, as well as any other things about Bam Margera, HIM, or yourself. It is not a community that you MUST post a pic with every post/entry, though if you have some new pics of Bam, please share!


This is going to be a user-friendly community, so let's not bash one another. If you are down-right evil and black hearted, you will be removed from the community, and in rare cases, banned. So, join up, introduce yourself, and enjoy!

[ CLAIMS ] (claims are down right now)

I will be accepting claims as well in this community! So, make your claim that can be ANYTHING relating to Bam and we will add you and who/what you claimed here, below. Watch other posts because I may not be able to update it every day. One claim per member! Maintainer has the right to refuse your claim if it is too outlandish or has already been claimed in some fashion. You will be allowed to pick a alternate claim in it's place.


We are tolerant of all fandoms pairings here. Think of it as free speech of the mind. Unless someone starts cramming it down another member's throat (or all of us) just skip over it if it if it's not your cup of tea.


Have you written the best Bam fic and are dying to share it? You can do it here but please follow the following guidelines:

Please copy and paste the following into the top of your fan-fic entry.

If you can't answer all the questions in the box because they do not pertain to your story, you may skip them. Keep the sex and eroticism to a minimum level. Not to stifle your lusty writings, we just have a good deal of youngsters on here and we don't want to warp their already perma Bam-warped brains. Thanks! Finally, there is no need to post disclaimers. We all know you don't own Bam and his affiliates. We also know that if you have an OC, he and/or she will belong to you. Pointless to post such things. ;o)

(note: I will be going through and erasing the claims who have deleted journals. Once freed, you can claim them.)

your_secret_lie claimed Bam Margera.
_niki_fm claimed Bam's smile.
potc_rocks claimed Bam's skateboarding talent.
opalescent claimed Bam's sex.
xxsilent_onexx claimed Bam's ass.
punk_rock_gc_47 claimed Bam's heartagram tattoo on his waistline.
fallenangel213 claimed Bam's lamborgini.
_singmydarling claimed Bam's eyes.
childishlove claimed Bam as her obsession.
apathyondrugs claimed Bam's hats.
ruination claimed Bam's friend Ville Valo.
stratusfactionx claimed Castle Bam.
xteenagefairyx claimed Bam's hair.
ashalarock4 claimed Bam's friend Ryan Dunn.
_thequeenofbold claimed Bam's attitude.
fudge_is_good claimed Bam's HIM memorabilia.
rabbitgurl claimed Bam's Confederate jacket.
mrsconanobrien claimed Bam's friend Johnny Knoxville's sex.
venusdream claimed Bam's soft side.
xrockstar06x claimed Bam's kittens.
justavacant3x4 claimed Bam's t-shirts.
bamsoflyy claimed Bam's pants.
heartagram claimed Bam's lips.
liewithme___ claimed Bam's piece (sexiness).
lilprincess0589 claimed Bam's love.
_fallen_sakura claimed Bam's private area.
smackbungalow claimed Bam's heart.
_maleficarum_ claimed Bam's laugh.
hannibal_murder claimed Bam's love for Novak.
___starcrash claimed Bam's hipbones.
sjvalo claimed Bam's Razorblade Romance tattoo.
nixpkonsa claimed Bam's West Chester accent.
lala_chan claimed Bam's directing talent.
ilovemyhobbits claimed Bam's hands.
timmyturnerfan claimed Bam's uncle Don Vito.
anti_love claimed Bam's friend Brandon Dicamillo.
wlcm2obssn claimed Bam's Red Hummer.
miss_dark_side claimed Bam's skateboard.
viva_la_him claimed Bam's friend Ville Valo's nose.
haggard_life13 claimed Bam's friend Brandon Novak.
villicious claimed Bam's "secret" love for Ville Valo.
filthylinen claimed Bam's stomach.
______dirtbag claimed Bam's friend Johnny Knoxville .
miamink claimed Bam's soul.
xxincomplete claimed Bam's body.
westpoint_blvd_ claimed Bam's friend Raab Himself.
kizzmon claimed Bam's love for his family.
idiot_face claimed Bam's mole on his nose.
mental_mascara claimed Bam's friend Steve-O
jellybeans_yum claimed Bam's pubis.
hobbitz4peace claimed Bam's Cherry Picker insanity.
my_obsessionz claimed Bam's when he's drunk.
riorhapsody claimed Bam's mad geography skills.
oceansweetie claimed Bam's shirts.
to_the_end_3 claimed Bam's blue Hummer.
hug_a_tree claimed Bam's purple fur coat.
innocentbtch47 claimed Bam's side-stomach tattoo.
in_caritos claimed Bam's "The Funeral of Hearts" tattoo.
xeightxofxninex claimed Bam's HIM obsession.
crashintothesun claimed Bam's gay tendencies.



You can make a post if you'd like to become an affiliate.

Need anything? Contact: http://jemenai.insanejournal.com - there is a special section stored in Memories specifically for community related issues. I can also be reached at - NightlyNocturne@gmail.com though I don't check email as often as normal people do, so if you need a FAST reply, do the journal first. If it's only semi-important do email, kay?