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A REQUEST! [29 Sep 2010|10:30pm]

For my fellow Finnish fans, I'm one of the top two in the 69 Eyes music video contest. Voting ends tomorrow so if you could, log into your account, go here: http://bit.ly/ahv8Ut and click LIKE. That's it! Even if you aren't a fan of these guys, I would REALLY REALLY APPRECIATE IT!!!


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no more missy [05 Jun 2010|06:19am]


hi all found this on youtube, interview is from last month.
But it shows that missy and him arn't together anymore, thought i would share

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Про новые Ауди А5 [02 Jun 2010|01:32am]


Audi A5 для меня – самый красивый автомобиль из всех, которые я когда-либо создал», признался дизайнер автомобилей Вальтер де Сильва. Плавные линии, вытянутый силуэт и спортивность придают очарование этому купе. При этом он обладает той долей эксклюзивности, которой не хватает лимузину или внедорожнику. Редкая удача этого спортивного купе в соединении динамики с большой долей стиля и элегантности.

Уже начиная с 50-х годов прошлого века легковые автомобили купе являются олицетворением спортивного духа и элегантности. Первый автомобиль-купе в линейке Audi — Audi 100 Coupé S на базе Audi 100 C1 — был выпущен в 1969 году и нашел восторженный прием у клиентов. В 1980 году дизайнеры Audi создали на основе Audi 80 B2 автомобиль-купе, который благодаря использованию знаменитой технологии quattro стал легендой в истории Audi. В 1988 году за ним последовал Audi Coupé на базе Audi 80 B3, который уже тогда был оснащен мощным двигателем 20V объемом 2,3 литра. В 1990 году появилась еще более мощная модель S2. Эту успешную модель Audi Coupé можно было приобрести вплоть до 1996 года, после которого, казалось, закончилась эра классических купе Audi. Но сегодня они возродились в новом Audi A5 и его спортивном варианте S5. Новый Audi A5 сохраняет пропорции классического купе. Длинная колесная база, короткие свесы, большие колеса, вытянутый капот, чередование вогнутых и выпуклых поверхностей с динамичными линиями придают Audi A5 формы автомобиля класса Grand Tourismo.

Облик автомобиля вызывает восхищение: Audi A5 провозглашает своими основными принципами спортивность, элегантность и мощь. Преимущество спортивного купе Audi A5 в том, что оно позволяет органично совместить спортивность и комфорт.

Спортивно-динамичные и одновременно классически-элегантные автомобили Audi A5 и Audi S5 занимают особое место в модельной программе Audi. Выдающиеся ходовые качества и захватывающие технические характеристики вызывают восторг, которого ждут от автомобилей Grand Coupe`. Дизайнер Вальтер де Сильва описал свое творение так: «Глядя на это купе, чувствуешь, что выверена каждая деталь. Это автомобиль, совершенный на 100 процентов».

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on the road [04 Feb 2010|07:46am]


more hrereCollapse )

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euhmmm [04 Feb 2010|06:36am]


Does Jared Leto have some sort of fragrance or fashion line to promote? I feel like we've been seeing a lot more of him lately, and while I don't really mind catching a glimpse of his sexy mug, I'm going through a bit of a Jordan Catalano overload here.

Anyway, last night Jared and Bam Margera got all warm and cozy outside of Katsuya, and it looks like these two nearly took their bromance to a Brokeback Mountain level of PDA. Hey, whatever works!

More pictures hereCollapse )
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party time at the viper room [24 Jan 2010|09:46am]

from Kat's twitter
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[03 Jan 2010|08:10am]

[ mood | tired ]

What Bam is planning for 2010 follow the link and find out


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Bam @ cKy concert [10 Nov 2009|12:46pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Hi! This is my first post and I think, it would be the best post I´ll ever do.
I just wanted to share my BEST PIC EVER. A dream has become true to me... I still can´t realize... OMG!
I met Bam yesterday evening after the fantastic cKy show in Cologne, Germany!
We met Jess Margera and two other cKy guys, too. All of them were very nice and very friendly!
It was a great evening.
If you ever get the chance to see them, take it!!!

:) :) :)

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Soon to be new and improved! [11 Sep 2009|06:56pm]

[ mood | blank ]

I know I've been super shitty at keeping this place  up for you die-hard fans...and I love you all.  I'll be creating a new layout and hopefully spruce the joint up again.

Are any of you faithful readers/commenters still interested in the Claims aspect of this comm? Just curious what you all have to say.

I've also had issues  signing into a lot of my journals - and I know this isnt the knew I usually use to post on this comm,  but I'm still me. If anyone has suggestions or any such that they'd like to offer, I'm super glad to listen to them.

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The Whole Story [19 Aug 2009|10:12pm]

[ mood | confused ]

Hi peeps,
So i'm not sure how to put this, but i've read a lot of different things I was just wondering if anyone knows if ville and bam are friends anymore? and what is happening with the whole missy and bam situation.

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hey guys!

i hate to do this here, but it seems to fit..considering it's CKY.

here's the deal, my douchebag father kicked me out in march and i've been going from house to house, living with different friends. i'm trying DESPERATELY hard to get a job, and i'm not having any luck at the moment, but i DESPERATELY need money for my driver's license and junk. my dad sold all of my other stuff, so i'm limited to what i have, but one thing that's for sell that some of you guys would like is this ;;

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drug overdose [21 Jul 2009|10:36am]

[ mood | relieved ]

It's good to hear that Bam is alright. I f you haven't heard he was taken to the hospital for dehydration not a drug overdose


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[21 May 2009|10:42pm]

Antea Furor - Before Madness in The City [RP]Collapse )

Looking for:
Ville Valo
Bam Margera
Syn Gates
Jimmy Sullivan
Jared Leto
Bert McCracken
Alex Pettyfer
Christan Bale
Ville Valo
Nikki Sixx

And many more!

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murs hat... [17 Apr 2009|11:50am]
hey everyone,

check out this rad MURS hat i just got:

avaliable here: http://www.mursmusic.com/shop
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Sirius-XM interview with BAM and NOVAK [07 Jan 2009|04:12pm]

Check out some new footage of Bam and Novak promoting 'Dreamseller' and 'Where The F$% Is Santa'. Video footage is in 2 parts. Click on links below.


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Bam's newiest interview [07 Dec 2008|08:13pm]

[ mood | content ]

I was just visiting our dear Bam on his site and spotted the he did an interview that I haven't read yet. I don't know if you guys have but hear it is...

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Bam Margera's santa safety [22 Nov 2008|12:06pm]

Here's a new trailer for "Where the F*ck is Santa?" in Bamimation style. It's awesome, so check it out!

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[20 Nov 2008|08:47am]

I can't listen to it 'cause I'm getting ready to go out buttt I'm pretty sure this is the interview.
moreCollapse )
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Bam at Tony Hawk's "Stand Up for Skateparks" Benefit [November 9th, 2008] [13 Nov 2008|10:03am]

[ mood | amused ]

This was too adorable not to share:

[EDIT: Bam with Kady Hawk] 

Credit to Tony Hawk's "Celebrity Sound-Off" spot on Myspace.  

Caption from the site: "Bam looks way too comfortable holding our baby. SUFS 2008."

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Key Club madness [13 Nov 2008|08:28am]

Here's a recent video of Bam and Novak being wasted and crazy.....check it out!

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